Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rumparooz Review and Giveaway

Miss E. in her "Tulip" Colored Diaper
 I was given a Rumparooz diaper from KangaCare to test out before I decided if I wanted to carry their products at Tummy 2 Bummy.  I received their pretty "Tulip" colored diaper a short time after.  Upon receiving this diaper, my first thought when I opened it, was how cute it was! Great color, great shape, adorable logo, and even the snaps have tiny kangaroo's on them.   Their diapers are One Size diapers that adjust to fit your baby. The inside is super soft and cushy, and the leg gussets- oh the fabulous leg gussets! Rumparooz has a patent pending design for some pretty cool leg gussets. They are dual gussets that keep in ALL of the mess in the diaper. I don't think there is any chance of "stuff" (*wink) getting out of the   diaper with the gussets trapping all the yuck in.  I was instantly in love and I hadn't even tried it on E yet.  I prepped the diaper and then decided to use it on my daughter the next day.

Their 6R soaker is really great. The soaker allows you to adjust the settings 6 different ways. Not only does it have a setting for sizes, it has a doubler option for extra absorbency (and the ability to place the soaker in the area where needed most- up front for boys, in the middle for girls)  Since E pee's an average amount per day, and I change her often, I decided to skip the doubler for play time and just use the larger of the two soakers.  Worked like a charm. Lucky me, she decided she wanted to test out the dual gussets by having a large poopy while playing. Happy to report that the gussets contained the mess, and oh, what a big mess it was.  Off to the diaper sprayer we went. :)

6R Soaker

Two days later, I decided to press my luck and put her in her Rumparooz for bed time.  I'll admit I was slightly nervous about this considering we have very few diapers that we use for sleep because of her tendency to wake up with wet pajamas. This time we used the doubler and I went to bed wondering what mess I would find in the morning. Sleep+Rumparooz=no wetness in the a.m! A night time success.  After this, you better believe I was going to order a bunch of Rumparooz for T2B! I ordered 12 solid colors and 6 prints for our store. 
The colors and prints are so much fun, I have my favorites, do you?  
Open to U.S and Canada Residents Only

Since I love these diaper so much, I thought that I would share one with you.  One lucky winner will not only win the color of their choice, they will also get the matching doll diaper! Seriously- they have DOLL DIAPERS!!!! What could be cuter than that?  Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to enter. Enter daily for more chances, and share the contest with your friends. The more you share, the more chances you have to win. The contest opens at midnight on Feb 27 and closes midnight on Mar 12, 2012.  
Anyone would be lucky to win one of these awesome diapers and doll daip from Rumparooz. 
Good luck my diapering friends!
Win a Diaper like this (your choice color)
Win the matching doll diaper!