Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Check our our variety of Yoreganics Products. We have Soap Nuts, Brightens & Whitens, and Yoreganics Stain Remover. Products are all 100% Natural and Organic!

Soap nuts are dried fruit berries that fall from the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi) found in Northern India and Nepal. Their outer shells contain saponin, which creates a natural soap when agitated in water- use them in place of traditional detergents and fabric softeners. They effectively clean, soften and remove odors from you laundry- naturally! They have been used for centuries as a natural way to clean laundry and much more!

Clean | Soften | Remove Odors

Yoreganics soap nuts are USDA and EcoCert certified organic...and they are deseeded (unlike some brands-don't pay for the weight of the seeds!)


-Cloth diapers/pads- no residue buildup

-Healthy laundry

-Soft, hard, and well water

-Delicates: silk, wool and cashmere

-Septic & grey water systems: anitmicrobial

-Travel: airplanes/vacations, camping: no heavy jugs to lug

-Standard & HE high efficiency washing machines-low sudsing

-Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & allergies- they're a fruit, not a nut

-Other uses: personal care, carpet cleaners, jewelry, windows/mirrors & more!

hypoallergenic | biodegradable | antimicrobial | economical | vegan | gluten-free | fragrance free | cruelty free

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