Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swim Time Fun!

Mr G. wearing "Blowfish" Pull-Up
It's that time of year again, when spring is approaching, the day's are getting longer, and people are starting to look forward to vacation and summer!!!  What better way to spend a vacation than in a warm place relaxing in the water?  Since all pools require little ones to be in swim diapers, we highly suggest buying your baby or toddler a reusable swimmer.  Sure, you could always go out and buy a pack of disposable swim diapers, but why waste your money? A pack of disposable's will cost about $10-15 per pack and you only get one use out of each diaper. Bummer.  Our swim diapers cost $20 and $21.95 for pull-up and snap swim diapers respectfully. 

Miss E wearing "Penguin" Snap Diaper

                      A one time price for countless uses and hours upon hours of splashing fun. Reuse the diaper all season long.  Besides the benefits of saving money, look at how cute your little one's bummy will look in these adorable swim diapers by Monkey Doodlez.

Miss A wearing "Sassy Zebra" Pull-up diaper

With fun names like Katie Crab, Sassy Zebra, Splash-a-Saurus and Tully Turtle to name a few, these diapers are sure to be a hit at the pool or ocean. With the choice of SNAP or PULL-UP options, we are sure you will find a swim diaper that you love.  Speaking of love, our little lady LOVES to swim. We put her in her Monkey Doodlez Swim Diaper before every swim lesson, we can't wait until it's summer when we can be outside by the pool. We feel confident that these swim diapers will hold in all messes, even when worn BY ITSELF! Monkey Doodlez are designed to be worn by themselves, right next to baby's skin. These diapers keep the messes where they belong, in the diaper, NOT in the water.
Miss A in "Katie Crab" Pull-up Diaper
Mr. J in "Tully Turtle" Pull-up Diaper


  1. We love these swim diapers! They are cute AND comfortable for my little guy's bum.

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